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A'o Kumu Courses

We are phasing out our original course series as we introduce our new pathways and course offerings. Those who have started our original course series will still be able to complete the series and/or enroll in our new courses. More courses will be added here as we continue to launch our new offerings. Click on the course name to view a sample syllabus.


New Pathways

Culture-Based Education & 21st Century Skills Introduction (Foundation I) - 2 DOE PD credits

In this course, participants will seamlessly integrate 21st century skills with culture-based educational frameworks focusing on strategically implementing promising blended and online learning practices to impact students. The course will teach participants basic distance learning skills including utilizing the Blackboard Learning Management System to participate in the course and in a larger online professional development community. Participants will have opportunities to learn about emerging technologies and how they are effectively used in online and face-to-face learning environments and will create a learning portfolio that showcases what they have learned in this course. The course is offered online, with the exception of a face-to-face orientation. Note: The course duration is six weeks; however, the course end date reflects four additional weeks for the portfolio review. You are able to earn 2 DOE PD credits upon completion of this course.

For those who have taken our courses before, the following are some differences between our previous CBOCE course and the new Foundation I course:

  • Focus is now on teaching through the culture, rather than about the culture, in order to increase student engagement
  • Equally relevant for teachers of all grades and content areas
  • Clearly shows the ways in which culture-based education and 21st century skills overlap and how you can easily integrate both into your classes
  • Modeling & practical experience utilizing technology tools to help you meet your goals and objectives
  • Access to graphical organizers that help you identify the ways in which culture-based education can help you meet CCSS and other relevant standards
  • Emphasis on collaborative work in a learning community, including ongoing participation in a professional learning community
  • Course alignment to ISTE Teacher Standards and Moenahā Culture-Based Framework


Original Pathway

Level 2: 21st Century Technologies and Culture-based Learning - 3 DOE Credits/2 KS Credits

The second level focuses on emerging 21st century technologies, and how they are effectively used both in online and face-to-face learning environments, while continuing to explore Hawaiian curricula and culture-based education. Participants will apply what they have learned to create and implement online resources that integrate Hawaiian culture with appropriate technologies.

Level 3: E-learning for Educators - 4 DOE Credits/2 KS Credits

In the final level, participants will build on their prior experiences while gaining skills in developing and facilitating an online learning. They will utilize teaching strategies and tools in distance learning to effectively share what they have learned from participating in all three of the A‘o Kumu courses. In addition, participants will also have a unique opportunity to explore and partner with other online instructors to teach distance learning courses to high school and adult learners.

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