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Distance Learning Programs

     Throughout the years, Kamehameha Schools Distance Learning has developed many programs for anyone interested in learning more about topics related to Hawaiian culture, history, music, and much more.

'Ike Hawai'i Distance Learning Program
     An online program for high school s'Ike HI bannertudents within the state of Hawai'i interested in semester credit courses focused on Hawaiian culture, history and literature. Come join us and learn about the Hawaiian culture on your computer from your own home.

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A'o Makua Distance Learning Program
A'o Makua DL Program     An online enrichment program for parents, caregivers, educators, Kamehameha Schools alumni and all other adults interested in the Hawaiian culture, history and language. Join us by reconnecting with your roots and sharing the Hawaiian culture with your ‘ohana.

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A‘o Kumu
    An online program that provides educators with professional development opportunities to acquire 21st century teaching skills with a focus on accessing, integrating and developing Hawaiian culture-based learning resources.

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'Ike Pono (archived)
     A program featuring a series of 30-minute, monthly talk shows with moderator, Aaron Mersberg, discussing educational issues related to the Hawaiian community. Guests include members of the Kamehameha Schools 'ohana, as well as others from throughout Hawai'i.
     In 2005, 'Ike Pono will feature episodes focusing on Kamehameha School's current strategic focus, the well-being of prenatal to 8 year olds.

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Kulāiwi (archived)
     A program featuring a series of thirty, 60-minute video lessons on how to speak Hawaiian with Ekela Kaniaupio-Crozier. An accompanying workbook is available for download and can be used with the lessons.

> View Kulaiwi

Nahenahe (archived)
      A program featuring a series of 60-minute audio lessons promoting the learning and appreciation of the Hawaiian language through the study of various Hawaiian mele (songs) with Hawaiian language kumu (teacher) Ekela Kaniaupio-Crozier and co-host Robert Cazimero.

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