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     Feel free to visit the links below to learn more about other Hawaiian fishpond projects in Hawaii.

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Hawaiian Salt-Water Fishponds Home Page
This web page was developed as part of projects funded by the University of Hawaii Sea Grant College Program. On this page, you will find background information on various fishponds on the Hawaiian Islands.

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Pacific American Foundation Projects & Programs
The The Pacific American Foundation (PAF), formed in November 1993, is the only national organization dedicated to improving the lives of Pacific Americans by helping them to help themselves. Be sure to take a look at the Kahea Loko (Calling of the Pond) project. They offer various professional development workshop for teachers to participate in.
Click to view link Maui Fishponds Kamali'i
The mission of the Fishpond Ohana Restoration Maui is to perpetuate Hawaiian culture and history through the restoration of Maui's ancient Royal Fishpon Pond, Lo'ie'ie Loko I'a, for present and future generations. On this site, you will find many activities for children.

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