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Kamehameha Schools
‘Ike Hawai‘i Program

Kamehameha Schools Distance Learning partners with the Hawai‘i Department of Education (DOE) to offer culturally-focused courses that provide a unique online, educational experience for high school students.  These award winning courses were developed by Kamehameha School’s Distance Learning, and they are taught entirely online by Hawai`i DOE teachers using Blackboard, a learning management system hosted on Kamehameha Schools’ server.  ‘Ike Hawai‘i connects students to Hawaiian history, culture, and literature, while building on their 21st century skills.

Why take an online course? Everyone has different reasons for taking online courses. Here are a few that may appeal to you:

  • Personal enrichment
  • Moves you closer to graduation, faster
  • Credit recovery
  • Opens time in your school day for other courses or activities.

Why take an Ike Hawai‘i course?  These courses:

  • Provide culturally-based content and opportunities for Hawaiian learners to succeed in a distance learning environment.
  • Encourage learner self-discovery through Hawaiian cultural experiences that help shape one's own life or world view.
  • Increase the learner's technology skills.
  • Increase learner readiness (academic, emotional, social) for higher education.

How do I register? 

Interested Hawai`i DOE students should see their guidance counselor to discuss whether these courses are appropriate to their academic plan and accepted for credit or enrichment by their school.  

Visit the Hawaii Department of Education’s E-School course catalogue at http://eschool.k12.hi.us/ to explore more online course offerings from Hawai`i DOE.

If you have questions about the courses, please contact us at ksdl@ksbe.edu or (808) 842-8877 for more information.


Courses are conducted online. Our Blackboard site is password protected and serves as an online classroom where all course content is posted and assignments are collected.
Lessons may be conducted asynchronously (not at a set time), allowing students to complete their assignments at their convenience, while still adhering to due dates for assignments.  They may also be synchronous, when all students meet together online at a designated time.  

Course offerings vary per semester.

Here is a list of the courses:

Modern Hawaiian History (1 semester Social Studies credit)

This course provides an overview of Hawaii’s past and present history. Students will explore the historic, geographic, socio-political, economic, and multicultural development of modern Hawaii as well as study the effects of change on the people of Hawai`i.  The course begins with a look at pre-contact Hawaiian civilization and the campaign of Kamehameha nui. It then explores the changes brought about by the first foreigners to the islands, continuing on through statehood, and into modern movements and issues.

This course was reviewed by the Hawai‘i State Department of Education’s E-School Program and is aligned to their Modern Hawaiian History course.

Hawaiian Pacific Literature (1 semester English credit)

This course is designed to expose learners to a comprehensive study of Language Arts through the integration of reading, writing, literature, language, and oral communication. Learners read and interpret a wide range of genres including fiction and non-fiction. Learners focus on their own personal histories, cultures, perspectives, and experiences as they develop multiple levels of responses to literature including initial, personal, analytical, and evaluative. Learners are also given many opportunities to develop their own voices through a variety of authentic and relevant assignments and assessments. Texts used will reflect traditional to contemporary Hawaiian Pacific Literature. For the purposes of this course, Hawaiian Pacific Literature is defined as literature written by indigenous people of the Pacific.



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