Malama 'Aina


The Makahiki season began with the pronouncement from the kāhuna or priests. After carefully scanning the skies for a sign, they would formally announce the start of Makahiki, and the people then prepared themselves for the coming of Lono, god of peace, agriculture, and fertility.

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Discuss the significance of seasons in Hawai‘i;

Recognize the changes in nature at different times of the year;and

Discuss the concept of Makahiki being a four-month season of celebration.
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‘Ikuā is the month when the dark storms arise, the sea roars, the thunder roars, the birds make a commotion.

The drastic weather changes signify the changing of seasons and the approaching season of Makahiki.

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About Excellence, Gratitude and Peace
Dr. Manu Meyer shares three important things of Makahiki: excellence, gratitude, and peace.

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"Pua Ke Kō" (Lyrics)
This chant features four ‘ōlelo no‘eau, or Hawaiian wise sayings. Each ‘ōlelo no‘eau is an observation about things occurring in nature. This chant is often accompanied with the kā‘eke‘eke, or bamboo pipe instruments.

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Audio Hawaiian Vocabulary List
Introduction Vocabulary List
Narrated by Ānuenue Pūnua

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